In 1974, a young Korean child died soon after being adopted by an American couple. Her condition could have been treated when she was an infant, but the necessary medical services were not available to her in her homeland. From this tragedy a vision and a cause were born.

Some years after the little girl's death, her adoptive mother happened to hear of another child, this one in Guatemala, who would soon die without a surgical procedure not offered there. She did what seemed natural - and, indeed, inevitable - and arranged for the child to travel to the United States and have the surgery here.

That was the first healing act of Healing the Children.

Today it is an active and imaginative nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to securing donated medical and surgical care for children who are in need. From its beginning in one family it has grown to encompass 13 chapters in 23 states. Healing the Children/Michigan-Ohio was founded in 1984 and now provides services in ten cities/geographic regions. Its work is funded solely by donations of both money and services.

To observe the world's abundant misery from a position of comfort - this is a modern sort of anguish, intensified by the images of suffering children that dominate front pages and television screens everywhere. The genius of Healing the Children is that it offers real help, direct help, personal help. It heals the children.

It offers them hope.

Here’s how.

Healing The Children Values
...the love of children
...respect for people
...hope, optimism and faith
...the best medical and business practices
...the possibilities that teamwork provides
...collaboration with other organizations
...the ability of one person to make a difference
...the passionate commitment to take action

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