Our Medical Teams
We chose this photo of Colombian children and their parents to symbolize all the children and families our medical teams have served. They are waiting for the doors to open on our medical teamís first day in Villavicencio, Colombia. Their faces and their numbers say it all. So many children come to us with the same hope and apprehension in their faces; so many families send them to us with the same faith and longing in their hearts. They all share the same extravagant fundamental wish: Please change the world for my child.
We organize and conduct health care team visits to countries that request our assistance. Teams of doctors, dentists and nurses perform on site surgeries free of charge and assess children who require more complex care. Children who need additional services are referred to the stateside program either in our chapter or in one of the other HTC chapters.

Some specialties covered on these trips include plastic and maxillofacial surgery, dental services, ear, nose and throat surgeries, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, pediatric urology and orthopedic services. As many as 75 to100 children may receive surgical services on each trip, while scores of others receive dental services, medical consultations and medications.

Doctors and nurses have told us that participating in a medical trip is the most inspiring and affirming work they have ever done. Giving and receiving becomes a delicate balance, and they believe that what they receive from the experience far outweighs and sacrifice they make in dollars, time or convenience.

Perhaps you will be able to see why as you view scenes and read about some of those trips.
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